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Melaka Smoke Free Event

Five areas were declared as smoke-free zones beginning June 15th, 2011 . The areas are Malacca world heritage city, Melaka Raya, Melaka International Trade Centre and the Alor Gajah and Jasin town centres. Anyone caught smoking in any of those zones could be fined the usual RM300 although the maximum compound was RM5,000.


5 条评论:

  1. stupid idea....
    where we can smoke??? toilet?? in side car????

  2. many still smoke there,but if unlucky,u will get a summons...

    where to smoke ? inside car lor..haha.

  3. FYI, smoking in the car is also NOT allowed as long as you are still smoking in those smoke-free areas. Try smoking in Pure Bar or K-rooms or ...i don't know, even Jonker Street is categorized as a smoke-free zone :s

  4. for the 1st person(匿名 说...) DONT SMOKE LA BODOH!!NO SMOKE U WILL DIE AR??/