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GingiLacer Toothpaste

Lacer - Specialist in Oral Dental hygiene founded in 1949 .
Ranked among Top 10 domestic health companies
HQ in Barcelona (Spain) 

 Reduces Gum Bleeding within 48 Hours ◦ 
Strengthen and protects gum ◦ 
Reduces dental plaque formation ◦ 
Prevents tooth decay ◦ 
Suitable for daily use ◦ 
Non staining ◦ 
Alcohol free

Suitable For: ➢Bleeding while brushing 
➢Swollen gums 
➢Receding gums
 ➢Loose teeth 
➢Persistent bad breath

Enoxolone helps in anti-inflammatory and gingival regenerator
Triclosan and zinc salts inhibits bacterial activity over the long term, reducing the formation of dental plaque