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How to go Skytrex Adventure Melaka

Skytrex Adventure Melaka located at Taman Botanikal Air Keroh .
The Pahlawan Thrill is intermediate level with 26 challenges and 4 Chicken Exit ( excape )
马六甲植物园最新的‘空中 ’探险活动。

When you come from town to Taman Botanikal Air Keroh , you will pass by M fastfood restaurant,
turn to left after the traffic light to Bird Park.Please Find the big Bird Park billboard hiding in the tree, which is on your right. Turn right after you see the Bird park billboard and go into the Taman.
Waterpark is on your left. Just go in until you see the banner of Skytrex Adventure Melaka.
当你从马六甲市区来到植物园, 你将经过M 快餐店, 过了交通灯弯左往飞禽公园走去。
水上乐园就在你左边了。到了停车场就看到Skytrex Adventure Melaka的布条。
After you saw the banner turn right or you can rest at warung on your left  , walk along the path to greet ' dinosaur ' first.
看到布条了, 左边是小贩摊位, 你先往右边走去和‘恐龙’问好。
Just walk along until you see the orange colour container ( office )
Here you are to start the Skytrex Adventure Melaka 

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