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到神山必备的东西 Check List for climbing from Masilau Gate to Laban Rata and reach Low's Peak

Pre-Climbing Check List for Mesilau Gate to Laban Rata
It is a day climbing, usually warm and sunny. So,

• Lightweight clothing like t-shirts and track bottom.
• Torchlight. Headlight is better as most of the time you have to hold the rope in the dark. ( 头灯一定要有 )
• Raincoat, in case of rain. Disposable raincoat is easily available in Kota Kinabalu and Kinabalu Park.
• Good shoes. It is better for you to have a high cut shoes as to prevent from ankle injury. Sports shoe is adequate. ( 推荐kampong adidas rm 5-7 )
• Rubber sandals/slippers. Some of the climbers use only open-toe rubber sandals with thick socks during the first part of the climb. It can also be used in the wet bathroom during your stay in Laban Rata.
• Face towels
• 600ml water bottle. You can refill your water during the climb on each shelter. ( 路途没水了,还是自备好 )
• Toilet tissue papers.
• Food that is light and easy to eat - like raisins, chocolate, biscuit. Other food like instant noodle, instant coffee or tea, bread, canned sardines and tuna(optional, up to you).
• Plastic bags(pack your dirty cloths) .
• Insect repellent & Counter Pain
• Personal Medicines .
• Your backpack. Better to have a waterproof one. If not, pack everything in double plastic bag in case of rain. Try to limit it to less than 10 kilograms. It would be a burden for you to bring more than that.
• Video camera . This is a must. Bring spare batteries, memory cards (for digital) or film (for manual camera). You would not want to miss anything, right?
• Walking/hiking stick (trekking pole), but it is not necessary.
• Personal things: Towels, toothbrush and toothpaste. Soap is provided in Laban Rata. You can have your bath in a heated bathroom there.( 很多时候没热水了,气温很低 )

Pre-Climbing Check List for Laban Rata to Low’s Peak
It is a night climbing, usually cold and windy. So,
• Warm clothes is essential. It reaches below 5°C at the peak!
• Torchlight. Headlight is better as most of the time you have to hold the rope in the dark.
• Balaclava mask. It will protect your face from the cold wind. Ski mask, to protect your head from cold and the wind.
• Gloves. Waterproof gloves is best, but two pair of good wool gloves is necessary. It will protect your hands from rope burn and cold.
• Wind breaker or jackets, long sleeves shirts, thick trousers/cargo pants, thick socks and good shoes.
• Small water bottle (500ml bottle is enough). The only place to refill you bottle is at Sayat-sayat Hut.
• Raincoat.
• Some light foods.
• Camera with enough memory cards or film and batteries.
• Waist pack